About Jim Salge Photography

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Jim Salge is a nature photographer based in southern New Hampshire. He has a deep routed appreciation for the nature and the wilderness, which has manifested itself into numerous outdoor pursuits. He has long enjoyed hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking and cross country skiing, but now plans these activities to compliment  photography.

Jim began taking pictures while working as a meteorologist at the Mount Washington Observatory in New Hampshire. The location, known to have some of the worst weather conditions in the world, also stirred up scenes of  inconceivable beauty. He was inspired to capture the stunning interplay of light and cloud surrounding him, and found motivation through initial disappointment. During the four winters he spent working at the Observatory, he refined his technique and worked to capture truly unique images.

Jim now works as a high school science teacher, and spends his free time in the outdoors exploring the New England landscape. He will often begin before dawn, and stay out after sunset, immersing himself in the natural environment. Jim actively researches his subjects, and often returns to locations again and again to find the conditions that will best bring a connection with scene to the viewer.

Jim shoots with a digital SLR camera, but makes extensive use of filters when shooting to control the light during difficult exposure. He finds great joy in traditional techniques and strives to get the exposure right in camera, and to process the image to the most natural look possible.